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Deliberate Conversations: The Center Arises     

 Mark Gerzon in dialogue with Nick Troiano, who runs The Centrist Project, conversing on local radio about the rise of a “third narrative” in American politics, and the way in which a new breed of candidates (which they call “independents”) are stepping forward at all levels of government today.

Breaking Bread: Can Coloradans Sit Down and Figure Each Other Out?

Mark Gerzon co-moderated with Colorado Public Radio’s Executive Producer Ryan Warner

CPR: Six Coloradans Break Bread Together

Crossing the Divide: Inspiring social change beyond partisanship

       Interview with Mark Gerzon on Shift Network




Kosmos Live Podcast Series|Mark Gerzon in a Time of Division

Listen to Mark Gerzon’s reflections on Preparing for Profound Change. This podcast series explores the shifting global landscape and offers strategies for coping with what lies ahead. Economic turmoil, climate chaos, political upheaval – these may seem like forces to fear, but in fact offer us deep opportunities for transformat


Loving Your Country, Loving Yourself | Mark Gerzon | TEDxVail

Mark Gerzon challenges us to learn to listen and to bridge the divide between liberal and conservative, by asking the unasked question that might just make the inner workings work beyond bipartisanship.

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These videos constitute an integral part of Building a Transpartisan Movement. Specifically, this online video library is a vital element in Strategy Three: Creating a Teaching/Learning Community, and Strategy Five: Constructing and Sharing the Movement’s Story.

Our Ted-X style video clips give viewers insight and inspiration by leaders in our field, as part of our “video-based movement building strategy.”

These videos were filmed in April 2014 in Boulder, Colorado at the Transpartisan Leadership 1.1 event. This one-day workshop, co-hosted by University of Colorado and Naropa University, was designed for both students and the general public to explore ways to work across the polarized lines that currently divide the American public.

The faculty shared what they have learned from the many successful initiatives they have led or are currently implementing to bridge partisan divides. The participants also learned specific, practical skills from the Transpartisan Toolbox that are useful for advancing a specific policy issue or solving a civic problem in ways that require significant collaboration from citizens with diverse political perspectives. Please enjoy


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