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Building a Transpartisan Movement – Strategy #2

Positively Impact the Political Climate

Catalyze and galvanize the transpartisan movement's capacity to influence leaders in government and business to work together to solve the challenges we face as a country.



  • Through our web portal and social media outreach, publicize and promote political actions and leaders that exemplify a problem solving approach to governance and who reach across the aisle in order to foster a collaborative process of governance that defines transpartisan behavior and policies
  • Publicize and promote organizations, leaders and political actions that address systemic impediments to the political process (i.e. money in politics, redistricting, closed primaries etc) through a transpartisan approach
  • Publicize fact check data, obtained from independent agencies, on the key subjects of our national debate as well as on leaders truly collaborative behavior
  • Support and illuminate legislation that benefits the “common good" and spotlight those legislators working on these efforts. Publicize through organizations such as “" bills in Congress and Representative's voting records, with respect to sponsorship of bi-partisanand transpartisan legislation.
  • Publicize alliance member events that foster civil dialogue and deliberation, as well as collaborative decision making on the most important issues facing our country, and with time sponsor events of this nature across the country.
  • Publish and support rule changes and legislation that are designed to improve Congress's ability to have constructive dialogue and reduce the polarization the is rampant in Congress

LONG TERM (2016 and beyond)

  • Overtime foster incentive systems that will transform American politics.
  • Deploy members of the alliance to meet with individual members of Congress as well as attending Congressional town hall meetings.
  • Compile, distribute and promote a list of “doable items" that Congress can tackle on a bipartisan basis