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Building a Transpartisan Movement – Strategy #3

Event Design

Produce a National Convening

Hold a National Convening in 2016 to celebrate the millions of Americans who put “Country Before Party," and put people and issues before party–a well-publicized multi-city/community event which will enable a significant number of Americans to become aware of the cross-spectrum civic engagement and collaborate problem-solving that is already present across America. The National Convening will also spotlight alternatives to the polarizing positions of the National political parties by focusing on the best from the Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, Libertarians, Greens and others.


  • Highlight the great work being done by the many Transpartisan organizations around the country.
  • Highlight leaders who have exemplified a problem solving approach to business, governance, and civic engagement.
  • Be an interactive convening, produced by a member of our team who is a pre-eminent event producer, in one host city, a handful of hub and satellite cities, from all around the country that allows participants to dialogue and collaborate about the great issues facing our Country. We will not take positions in these discussions, but instead serve as the facilitator with the goal of highlighting better approaches to finding a common and higher ground and solutions.
  • Have inspiring speakers from government, business, religious, and civic organizations who inspire American citizens to become involved and engaged.
  • Invite both Presidential candidates to speak at the convening and specifically ask them to embrace the guiding principles of the Transpartisan movement (a simple list of 5-10 values/principles can be created), and to speak about collaborative problem solving and true citizen engagement.
  • Include a national musical event with well know musicians across the musical spectrum, who are both playing their music and briefly speaking to transpartisan values.