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Building a Transpartisan Movement – Strategy #1

Building the Bridge Alliance

Build shared identity, raise visibility, strengthen and expand the numbers of organizations and individuals dedicated to collaborative civic problem solving and collaborative policy innovation. As a result of the higher visibility of alliance members these members will potentially have a greater collective impact and capacity to fundraise.



  • Create a brand for the movement and foster collaboration around shared initiatives that will have greater impact and visibility.
  • Hold quarterly conference calls to coordinate social media & text blasting; publish a monthly newsletter to widen communication channels so organizations become more familiar with each other and find natural points of collaboration.
  • “Match-make" and foster bilateral and multi-organization collaboration.
  • Alliance members will provide us with information monthly about their activities/projects/programs and we will synthesize this data, and publish it on our website with their permission.
  • Provide articles and press releases to media and to transpartisan supporters based on above Activities/Projects/Program data.
  • Assist supporters/website visitors in locating groups to match their interest and locale. This feature can also be used to inform and enhance the field map of who is doing what, and where.
  • Use social media integration to expand visibility and increase participation in the Transpartisan Alliance.
  • Create an open source network-building capability on our website so individuals and organizations can create their own networks within the portal.

LONG TERM (2016 and beyond)

  • Provide the emerging network with a strategy for sustainable human, technical and financial resources to support this emerging field of “transpartisan" activity.