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Building a Transpartisan Movement – Strategy #5

Help Catalyze and Galvanize a Transpartisan Citizen’s Movement – in part by creating a dynamic website and social media presence for overall media outreach

Activate a media plan for expanded coverage of the transpartisan narrative – a  “third voice” and accomplishments of Bridge Alliance member organizations at local, state and federal levels.

The website will be a central communication and collaboration point for organizations already engaged in changing our political climate and individuals ready to participate in creating a healthier democracy. It will appeal to people who know it is beneficial to bring a diversity of perspectives to the table when solving our complex problems.


A living communication portal will be created that highlights and links the many transpartisan initiatives spreading throughout the country and showcases the number of people already involved in the growing movement; that provides opportunities for creative collaboration; and continually attracts individuals, groups and initiatives by increasing  visibility of the expanding field and offering them places locally to be involved.

The virtual space will be multi-functional.  It will be easy for people and organizations to find one another, communicate, collaborate, post research, articles, blogs and comment within the larger movement. Communications can be sent from the portal to a subscriber list and links to social media will be available, expanding the visibility of both the website and the information found on the web-site.

Since one of the fastest ways to grow a movement is by connecting with social media our web portal will automatically connect people to their social networks and allow for viral growth.  A separate social media plan will also keep people connected with each other outside of the web portal.

Engage a national network of well-known media personalities who are currently writing about the dysfunction and gridlock at the national level and with time expand this network to include well-respected journalists and American who are highlighting innovations in democracy that are working and should be better known.

Encourage media to cover the local and regional initiatives in advance of the national event.

Using physical addresses and topics, the portal will assist people in locating groups matching their interest and locale.  For the growing transpartisan movement, this feature can also be used to inform and enhance the field map of who is doing what, and where.