Current Mediators Projects

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations is an open-source project exploring the power of revitalized civil discourse in America that enables citizens to engage in self-guided conversations about controversial issues.

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To support ongoing efforts to bring collaborative leadership, decision-making, and genuine problem-solving into the public square; to assist in linking such initiatives into a transpartisan movement; and to partner with existing transpartisan organizations and leaders in bringing this movement to scale.

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Wisdom Beyond Borders

Wisdom Beyond Borders is a fund, administered by Mediators Foundation, to support the work of individual wisdom teachers and leaders through honoraria, a kind of small-scale MacArthur Award.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Mediators provides fiscal sponsorship to projects that enhance the foundation’s vision.
Most projects come to us through board member referrals. However, if interested, please contact us to explore possible synergies.

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Previous Projects

Mediators Foundation, among its several roles, has served for many years as an incubator for major projects in the realm of civic and political engagement.
Following are the major ones:
Entertainment Summit (1987 – 1988): brought together US and Soviet films industries to help end the Cold War on the Big Screen.
• Served as fiscal agent and incubated Carolyn Lukensmyer’s organization, America Speaks, that functioned for many years with amazing impact.
• Partnered with the Aspen Institute as funding agent and co-designer for the US House of Representatives Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in 1997 and 1999.
• Promoted and guided the early stages of the US Consensus Council  (2001-2009) under Rob Fersh’s leadership, which came extremely close to passing Congressional legislation and which was reborn  as the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution.
• Incubated and served as a fiscal agent for Reuniting America (2004-2009), which  fostered a series of transpartisan dialogues with leaders across the partisan divides regarding shared values, climate change and Iran.