2525 Arapahoe Ave
Suite E-4 #509
Boulder, CO 80302
The Bridge Alliance

 We believe in Country before Party. We share a core belief that solutions should be based on reason, logic and inquiry, where a conclusion follows from a set of premises; not the other way around. We believe in politics that allows room for people from different parties and with different beliefs to sit around a table and make the tough decisions everyone knows need to be made.

Our Alliance exists to unite and serve organizations and citizens, making all of us more effective in our respective endeavors as well as in our shared goals for increased civility and collaboration between people, organizations, and government. By building awareness around this emerging movement we aim to elevate the national conversation as well as the actions of our elected leaders. Some of our current Alliance members include Village Square, Centrist Project, Coffee Party, NCDD, AllSides, Future 500 and Living Room Conversations. For information on Membership click here.

To Sign the Declaration and join the movement go to

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