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Building A Transpartisan Movement – Membership

Alliance Membership

The Purpose of an Alliance

The Bridge Alliance exists to upgrade our democratic republic. We will do so by serving organizations and citizens who are uniting Americans across the political divides to increase civility and collaboration. Its members include pioneering organizations that have collectively spent hundreds of years connecting Americans who disagree with each other yet are working together to make the best decisions for their communities and our nation. While some Alliance members are focused on state legislatures or the US Congress, others are focused on businesses, universities, and neighborhoods. But all have in common a commitment to working together for collective impact and increased visibility for all those who want to strengthen the common ground on which the United States of America depends.

Principles of the Bridge Alliance

  • Alliance members believe that our country is stronger when our leaders work together constructively to meet the challenges we face.
  • Alliance members advocate a stronger voice for citizens in the political and social process.
  • Alliance members believe that respectful, civil discourse is necessary for genuine problem-solving to address our great challenges.
  • Alliance members are committed to exploring learning from each other and aligning their efforts to support each other for raising the collective visibility and impact of all member organizations.

Benefits of being an Alliance member

  • Network – Connect with other member organizations to increase  opportunities for collaboration as well as enhancement of each organization’s projects.
  • Reach – Enable citizens to discover your organization through the Alliance.
  • Visibility – Impact on multiple levels including community, state, and national, as well as promotion on the Bridge Alliance website and materials.
  • Information – Broadcast to and receive updates from the Bridge Alliance and member organizations.
  • Credibility – Be part of a growing alliance and movement. We invite Alliance members to help us co-create, determine priorities, and shape who we become.
  • Fundraising – Opportunity for introductions to prospective funders as well as other interested parties for potential collaboration and resource sharing.
  • When fully funded, we will provide PR services to organizations that need them, as well as create a Speakers’ Bureau composed of leaders of Alliance organizations to offer a new or third narrative that demonstrates the benefits of collaboration.

What we ask of you in partnership

  • Alliance – Alignment with core principles, mission, and vision (included in attachment)
  • Website  – Interact with and be showcased on the Bridge Alliance website. Share visibility between our website and yours for potential extended reach.
  • Shared Campaigns – As Alliance activities and campaigns align with your organization, we invite you to support the shared campaigns via email, social media, and press releases.
  • Participate in the design and potential implementation of a National Convening in 2016; a well-publicized multi-city/community event showcasing examples of cross-spectrum civic engagement and collaborative problem-solving already present across America.  

Things we can do better together

  • Increase our collective impact by promoting respectful personal and public engagement and create an environment that generates greater interest  for all our work.
  • Together we can catalyze and galvanize a citizens’ movement capacity to influence leaders in government and business to work together to solve the challenges we face as a country.
  • Create a brand for the movement and foster collaboration around shared initiatives that will have greater impact and visibility.
  • Create a Public Relations and Speakers Bureau that shares services for enhanced visibility and promotion of Bridge Alliance members, organizations, and events.
  • National Media Event and Convening in 2016 or later – a National Convening to celebrate the Americans who put “Country Before Party”
  • Publicize Alliance member events that foster civil dialogue and deliberation, as well as collective citizen input and collaborative decision making on the most important issues facing our country, and sponsor events of this nature across the country.
  • Assist supporters, website, and social media visitors in locating groups to match their civic interests and locale.
  • Work with Alliance members in offering Leadership seminars, events, and lectures.
  • Create an online video faculty of inspiring leaders who will offer presentations and participate in discussions on their experiences in community building, bridging divides and offering solutions on how to upgrade our democracy.

The Bridge Alliance Executive and Design Teams have formulated the above principles, benefits, and expectations with the recognition that they are a work in progress.  We will include your voices in this process to become our voices and evolve our Alliance, as we grow, to reflect the diversity of our members and of our country.

As a member of the Alliance we will share with you our strategic plan, our action steps as they unfold, and seek advice and counsel from you so that we can effectively create this important Alliance together.  This input will be brought to the Executive Team of the Bridge Alliance. By the end of 2015, a Board of Directors will include Alliance members to review this input.