John Steiner

John Steiner is a networker, catalyst, creative consultant, occasional philanthropist and venture capital investor — all with his wife and partner, Margo King. He has long been inspired by a Gregory Bateson phrase, “the pattern that connects” – bringing together people, projects, ideas, money and spirit around common themes. They are always looking to support solutions to the great technical, economic and social challenges of our era.

He works with the DC based Convergence Center for Policy Resolution to bring multi-stakeholder, collaborative problem solving tools to the national level. He was a founding member and early leader of the Threshold Foundation (aka Donuts) and a founding member of the Social Venture Network. He was a founding board member of Search for Common Ground and at one point board chair of CDR Associates.

Currently John and Margo are working with a group of US and British climate change scientists, preparing for a first field test, whose computer modeling shows that it’s possible to slow down and halt global warming for several decades

Working with Mediators Foundation, he is deeply engaged in helping to take the transpartisan movement to scale by mapping and convening this field, and exploring an UnConvention in 2016, preceding the Democratic and Republican national conventions, that is designed to help shift the political/social context in the United States toward sustainable decision making/collaborative solutions regarding the great challenges we face.

John also works closely with Dr. Robert Fuller regarding rankism (racism, sexism, ageism – are subsets of rankism) and its antidote a dignitarian society and the self-enforcement of the golden rule.

Their life and work are animated by the study, practice and recognition of the nature of mind and reality, as offered by the timeless, heart-wisdom (nondual) traditions and translated, in part, as spirit in action – as Margo says, moving at the speed of love with relaxed and joyful urgency.

A graduate of Harvard, he and Margo also enjoy family collaboration in the film world with their daughter, Elizabeth King, and son, Michael Steiner, particularly with Impact Partners and Gamechanger Films.