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Global Partners

Project Director

Mark Gerzon

Project Overview

This group of change agents and social entrepreneurs from more than a dozen different countries sowed seeds of numerous initiatives that recognize and provide for worldwide sustainable development.  The following three projects are examples of these initiatives:

ArmsWatch.  Now known as the Arms Project under the auspices of the Human Rights Watch, this project set out to apply the tools and techniques used in the human rights movement to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction.  Now in its fifth year of operation, it has made important contributions to documenting the link between arms transfers and human rights abuses.  It also continues an active campaign to ban the use of land mines.

South-North Development Initiative. 
  Promoting a new generation of economic vehicles to redirect the resources of traditional capital markets to more development-oriented ventures, SNDI has been instrumental in starting new private-public partnerships in approximately 15 countries of Latin America and Africa since 1991.  Through these collaborations venture capital has been directed to small and medium sized native-owned businesses.

Earth Education Partnership Program.
   After three full years of funded operations, 2400 students in 48 pilot schools in Costa Rica and New Jersey have been taught the skills to address real world issues of sustainable development and environmental ethics.  A network of Program schools — each U.S. school partnered with a foreign school — continues to expand into the Netherlands and anticipates further expansion into Belize, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, the Philippines and Russia