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¡Vamos Adelante!
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¡Vamos Adelante!


The purpose of ¡Vamos Adelante! is to provide support for the undocumented citizens of Boulder County, Colorado.

In order to determine what the undocumented immigrant community needs most urgently, we are conducting research through interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in the community, including immigration attorneys, teachers who have worked with immigrant families, immigrant rights advocates, and undocumented citizens themselves. Based on our interviews to date, we have begun to determine the primary fears and concerns of this marginalized and vulnerable community:

  •      Increased threat of deportation raids, both at work and at home
  •      Anxiety about interacting with law enforcement officials
  •      Intimidation about speaking out against injustices or hate crimes
  •      Targeting of DACA students for immediate deportation
  •      Risks due to lack of health insurance coverage, driving without a license, etc.
  •      Being triggered by erratic and threatening government policies
  •      Rising concern for the safety of children of undocumented parents

In our estimation, the undocumented immigrant population of Boulder County is in urgent need of the following support: (1) proper legal education and advice on immigrant rights; (2) protection for undocumented children, as well as children of undocumented parents; and (3) access to psychological and emotional support for any and all undocumented immigrants and their families dealing with concerns for their safety.

While the policies of the Trump administration have provoked fear in the undocumented community in Boulder County and elsewhere, those same policies have also inspired increased support for immigration rights around the country. As one volunteer from the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) said, “Since President Trump was elected into office, we’ve seen a rise of community members, from different backgrounds — especially white folks — step up and pledge to help and support the immigrant community.”

Currently, we are exploring strategies for building a roster of professionals who can provide the necessary support to this community.

Español: El propósito del proyecto, ¡Vamos Adelante! es dar apoyo a la comunidad de personas indocumentadas en el Condado de Boulder, Colorado.  Esto se alcanzará a través conectando la comunidad indocumentada con recursos educativos, psicológicos y legales, los cuáles son necesarios.  

Para más información, favor de contactar a Josué Romualdo.

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