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The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health
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The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health


The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health (CFECH) is dedicated to harnessing the power of storytelling and entertainment to transform America’s crisis of partisan division. We explore the impact of entertainment media on polarization and societal cohesion, and promote the creation of content that fosters civic health and pluralist norms.

We work with the entertainment industry to promote the creation of content that humanizes political tribes to one another, develops shared cultural spaces for Americans from across the political spectrum, and fosters opportunities for civic dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

We have assembled an expert coalition of social scientists, bridge-builders, and entertainment professionals from the areas of content creation, production, and distribution who are working together to:

Elevate awareness within the entertainment industry about toxic polarization as an urgent social impact issue. Through podcasts, conferences, events, and summits that bring together stakeholders across the political spectrum, we encourage the industry to wrestle with its role in our crisis of division;
Equip the industry with research, data, and measurement tools to understand the relationship between entertainment media and civic cohesion and translate social science insights into actionable strategies for content creators;
Enlist a coalition of storytellers committed to promoting social cohesion through entertainment and empowering them to embrace their unique role in shaping a pluralist America.

The Interim Director of the Center for Entertainment & Civic Health is Dr. Ann Reidy. In addition to her role as Interim Director for CFECH, Ann serves as the Director of Operations for Civic Health Project (CHP), grantmaker dedicated to reducing extreme polarization and creating healthier civil discourse in our citizenry, politics, and media. She is also the Founder of American Pals, a national schools-based bridging initiative. Ann brings leadership experience in academia, non-profit management, and education to her roles at both CFECH and CHP. She holds a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and a PhD from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.