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 Open the Debates
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 Open the Debates

  • PROJECT DIRECTOR Eli Beckerman 

Open the Debates is a grassroots, cross-partisan force working to open up the political debates of our nation to all ballot-qualified candidates, at every level of government.

By taking on the issue of exclusionary debates wherever they occur — from municipal elections up through the presidential debates, we seek to elevate the political discourse in the United States toward meaningful discussion and debate about the issues, challenges, policies, and solutions we need to make progress together as a nation. We envision a robust political system of diverse voices, better choices, and a government that is responsive to and representative of its people.

Our strategy is to build a cross-partisan grassroots movement that will stand up for fundamental democratic principles. We will reframe the conversation through earned media, social sharing, direct and creative action, and strategic partnerships. We will force accountability on all decision-makers who can influence the nature of the debates, including the duopoly candidates.

We will focus our efforts on the highest leverage moments with a credible chance of concretely advancing the cause of robust, open debates. We will collaborate with the truly nonpartisan groups working on voter education, voter engagement, and electoral reform to build inclusive and empowering election narratives.

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Eli Beckerman is a strategic thinker, organizer, and communications professional working to open up the U.S. political system to more voices and better choices. After years of organizing to build the Green Party as a viable political alternative, he started working with Libertarians, political independents, and others to create Open the Debates as a cross-partisan vehicle to transform the political discourse and political realities of the U.S.