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Global Citizen’s Journey
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Global Citizen’s Journey

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Imagine an experience that inspires authentic curiosity and respect for humanity, evokes a sense of belonging and unity, recognizes the complex global individual we each are and activates a sense of responsibility to partner with others to the whole.

The Global Citizens’ Journey is such an experience.  The journey is a rite of passage that, in Einstein’s words, shifts participants’ “level of awareness” from sectarian, culture-bound, nation-focused attitudes to a boundary-crossing and more global worldview.  It helps reframe everyday local experiences from a context of division to one of unity.

Global Citizen Journey Participants will:

  • Expand their capacity to witness the world
  • Develop greater awareness of this integrated complex world
  • Learn to “unlearn” and let go of narrow, ethnocentric worldviews
  • Increase their capacity to manage conflict creatively
  • Sense that they can make a difference, that they matter
  • Find joy in connecting with others not like themselves
  • Increase their motivation to use the individual gifts to partner with others

The benefits of the journey can be felt close to home as well as globally. The Journey makes clear that the skills of global citizenship can help organizations manage their differences and diversities more effectively; can help educators motivate students to learn – across borders - and can make anyone involved in global affairs more skillful at meeting the challenges they face.

Mediators Foundation is currently designing a series of Global Citizens’ Journey learning experiences.  These experiences are based on the framework of Global Citizens (EburyPress: London) including the twenty global intelligence practices.  (Below you will find a downloadable PDF of the Global Citizens conclusion which includes the 20 practices.) Some of the current formats of the Global Citizens’ Journey include:

Keynote Presentations:

  • Educating Global Citizens
  • Why Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Be Global Citizens


  • Global Citizen Journey:  Leading into the Future – 1 Day Workshop

If you are interested in hosting a Global Citizens’ Journey for your organization, your community, please contact Mark Gerzon at Mediators Foundation.