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Civic Health Project
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Civic Health Project

  • PROJECT DIRECTOR Rob Romero and Kristin Hansen

About Civic Health Project

Political polarization and civil discourse are influenced by people’s underlying cognitive, moral, and behavioral traits. Understanding “what makes us tick” can increase our rationality and empathy, improving decisions and discourse. The key is finding and applying successful interventions.

Civic Health Project is dedicated to reducing extreme polarization and creating healthier civil discourse in our citizenry, politics, and media.  We sponsor, execute, and promote projects that deliver measurable improvements in rationality, empathy, and decision outcomes for the sake of a healthier, more functional democracy.

What We Do

Sponsorship. We sponsor academic research and practical interventions that address the human behavioral roots of political choice and civil discourse.
Advocacy. We showcase and promote organizations with high potential to create and apply successful interventions, placing tools and resources in the hands of individuals citizens and civic organizations who seek positive change.
Connection. We identify and connect “fellow travelers” across our extensive contact network, in order to accelerate academic and practitioner efforts around reducing polarization and improving civil discourse.


Rob Romero, Founder. Rob Romero founded Civic Health Project in recognition of the fact that acrimony and incredulity towards opposing views (and the people who hold these views) has deepened in recent years, especially in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

Rob is a passionate advocate for research, insights, and tools that help human behavior, social media, and democracy to “play better” together, reducing the corrosive forces of polarization. Prior to founding Civic Health, Rob supported multiple projects and initiatives to enhance media literacy and civic reasoning.

Rob is currently CEO of Connective Capital, an investor in emerging growth companies. Prior to launching Connective, Rob held leadership roles in marketing and engineering at Cisco and various tech startups. Rob earned his BA in Economics, BS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Kristin Hansen, Executive Director.  As the Executive Director of Civic Health Project, Kristin is dedicated to accelerating the efforts of academics and practitioners who seek to reduce polarization and improve civil discourse in our citizenry, politics, and media.

In addition to her role at Civic Health, Kristin serves as a Co-Director of Project Mismatch, and sits on the advisory boards of AllSides and the National Conversation Project.  She also serves as an adjunct lecturer in strategic communications at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Prior to her current work in civic discourse, Kristin held senior executive roles at Intel, IBM, and multiple start-up software companies. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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