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AllSides for Schools
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AllSides for Schools

  • PROJECT DIRECTOR John Gable and Joan Blades

AllSides for Schools

Preparing students for thoughtful participation in democracy — and in life. 

AllSides for Schools improves our democracy by helping students from middle school through college and beyond learn news literacy, respectful dialogue, and critical thinking.

AllSides for Schools is a nonprofit run by AllSides, Living Room Conversations, and Mediator’s Foundation.



AllSides for Schools gives educators tools, resources, information, and curricular guidance to help students build skills in news literacy, bias awareness, critical thinking, and conversation across difference.

By teaching students how to critically evaluate news, media content, and other information on a range of topics and how to engage with others in productive dialogue, AllSides for Schools helps students participate thoughtfully in their communities and our democracy as they move through life.


Why AllSides for Schools?

Middle school, high school, and college classrooms across the U.S. are grappling with our complex political, cultural, and media landscape. 

Students who want to effectively evaluate news and information and engage with others on complicated issues may not know how. Instead, they retreat into filter bubbles where they engage only with people and information that reinforce their existing beliefs and ideas.

In this challenging landscape, it is essential to equip students with media literacy skills to assess news and information more critically. 

But that’s only half the challenge. 

A healthy democracy also requires that we build relationships and have conversations with others on difficult topics, even (or especially) when we have different opinions.

AllSides for Schools does both by providing tools, resources, structure, and information at that critical juncture where information and engagement meet. This allows students to pop their filter bubbles by learning how to better evaluate information and navigate relationships both online and in person.

Educators seeking to address issues of fake news, low media literacy, filter bubbles, and toxic social media interactions find that AllSides for Schools gives students skills and experiences they’ll carry far beyond the classroom. 

Visit for a variety of classroom activities, lesson plans, and to sign up for Mismatch, a video platform that connects students across distance and divides to engage in respectful, face-to-face conversations.

John Gable is Co-founder and CEO of AllSides, and partnered with Joan Blades to have their two organizations, AllSides and Living Room Conversations, jointly launch the non-profit initiative AllSides For Schools.  John has over 20 years of technology entrepreneurship, management and executive experience, leading product, marketing and consumer teams and divisions. He served on the original teams for Microsoft Office, Mozilla at Netscape, and ZoneAlarm at Check Point Software. He co-founded Kavi Corp (web-based collaboration, sold to Higher Logic) and previously was a professional political campaigner and executive director in the 1980s working for the Republican National Committee as well as for candidates for US President, US Senate, US Congress, Governor and local campaigns. His experience spans consumer technology products, marketing, press, community collaboration and high tech management. For more information: John Gable

Joan Blades is Co-founder of, and, as well as coauthor of The Motherhood Manifesto and The Custom-Fit Workplace: Choose When, Where and How to Work and Boost the Bottom Line. Joan partnered with John Gable to have their two organizations, AllSides and Living Room Conversations, jointly launch the non-profit initiative AllSides For Schools.  Trained as an attorney / mediator with ten years experience as a software entrepreneur, Joan is also an artist, mother and true believer in the power of citizens and the need to rebuild respectful civil discourse and embrace our core shared values. For more information: Joan Blades