Common Ground Philanthropy Project



Wherever there is conflict, philanthropy faces a choice. Financial resources can be invested in one “side” or the other, or it can be invested in discovering the common ground between them. While both choices are legitimate and honorable, their impact is profoundly different. Boundary-based philanthropy strengthens the parts; cross-boundary philanthropy can potentially strengthen the whole.

CGPP is dedicated to building bridges across all conflicting groups. We believe this is a high-priority for philanthropy today because our society is increasingly fragmented, polarized, segmented, and “sorted” by economic, political, religious and ideological differences. In order to meet this high-priority goal, we are identifying and convening a cross-section of politically diverse funders (both institutional and individual) to explore how philanthropy can play a more effective bridge-building, problem-solving role in American civic life.

In partnership with Stephen Heintz of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Chris Gates, senior adviser to the Council on Foundations, and others colleagues from across the political spectrum, the CGP Project is co-designing a meeting later this year to bring together key individuals from across the political spectrum to chart the next steps.