Colorado Cross-Boundary Initiatives Project (CCBI)



Mediators Foundation is involved in numerous state-based activities to develop Colorado as a model of a more collaborative, problem-solving civic culture. These activities include:


  • Supporting the offices of Rep. Ken Buck (District #2) and Rep. Jared Polis (District #4) to develop cross-district dialogue and collaboration.
  • Working with the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution and other statewide mediation organizations to explore educational, civic and other strategies for promoting a more collaborative civic culture
  • Presenting at the Colorado Counties Inc. Summer Conference to the county commissioners to promote statewide inclusion and respect for differences
  • Working in Eagle County with Vail Symposium to bring together citizens to explore common ground
  • Participating in The Centrist Party’s initiative to showcase Colorado as a state where Independents can find a voice and be elected to public office


The CCBI Project will continue to explore these and other opportunities to enhance the capacity of our state to demonstrate to the country that citizens at the local level can work together in ways that can reconnect rather than divide Americans.