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Four ways to fix American politics

It’s not just young revolutionary Bernie Sanders supporters or angry-as-hell Donald Trump fans who want to “change the system.” It’s also the president of the United States of America. The future we want “will only happen if we fix our politics,” said President Obama in his 2016 […]

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Millennial = Neither Republican nor Democrat

As a Christian, the Republicans assume they can win my vote; as a Latina woman, granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, the Democrats think they can count on me. They are both wrong. Like so many of my generation, I am living evidence that the red-vs-blue portrait is severely […]

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America the Invisible

America the Invisible: Anybody Out There? What the Transpartisan Movement Means for Millions of Americans Rebecca Nunziato February 2015 As far as the electorate goes, 2014 was a rough year ““ headlines left and right frantically shouting that it was the lowest turnout since WWII (just 36.4% […]

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Global Citizens, Part I

Mark Gerzon Published by Kosmos, Fall/Winter 2009 Tong Shan University, Zhuhai, China, May 12, 2008 “Why do the people in France hate us?” a second year student, one of almost three hundred seated in the large lecture hall, asked me. “They tried to attack the Olympic torch […]

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The Transpartisan Journey

It was a typical transpartisan moment. “Mark, I’d like to introduce you next week to Mr. X,” said my colleague. She was organizing a meeting with some ad agency executives to help us develop a brand and p.r. strategy for the transpartisan movement. “Great,” I replied. “Mr. […]

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If It’s Broken, Fix It


To understand why the government has temporarily closed its doors, all I have to do is to look on the upper left corner of my car windshield. The little sticker tells me exactly when I must take my car in for its next maintenance check. If the […]

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