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Building a Transpartisan Movement – Background

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We are a rising American tide – conservatives and liberals, centrists and moderates.  We are American citizens who are bridging the growing divides in our political system. We have come together, in civility, respect and kindness to solve problems together.

Over the last decades, in response to the hyper-partisanship that is paralyzing American politics, a new field and spirit has been steadily developing — called by many “transpartisan".  The dimensions of this field include many organizations helping Americans work together across the divides.


In October 2014, we convened a meeting with more than thirty leading organizations to discuss the feasibility and potential impact of strategically growing a Transpartisan movement for the purpose of revitalizing our political system. The positive response was overwhelming. In February 2015, a cross spectrum of organizational leaders assembled to develop a strategy for collective impact in 2016.

The Bridge Alliance is now moving from incubation to implementation.  The Alliance is harnessing the momentum of organizations already working in the field of collaborative dialog and problem solving.  The Alliance recognizes that together, we can become a powerful and positive voice in the American political landscape advocating “Country Before Party."


The Bridge Alliance is galvanizing a movement which will include the following strategies: