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When you read about all the issues dividing America, you may wonder: who is working to bridge these divides?

We are.

Mediators Foundation President, Mark Gerzon, was recently interviewed for the Canadian Podcast, OnConflict. To learn more about how our conflict transformation work has unfolded over the past quarter century, click here.

We build bridges across the divides of our time.

The overarching purpose of Mediators Foundation is to prevent and reduce conflicts and promote collaboration. The Foundation develops and promotes proven methods for increasing the human capacity for peaceful, creative problem-solving in ways that motivate participants to become more aware and engaged citizens. In addition, the Foundation provides fiscal sponsorship to organizations and projects that reflect and enhance our mission.

Our Current Projects:

The 3S Project: steering American foreign policy to prevent, rather than trigger war.

Philanthropy Bridging Divides: linking CEOs of major philanthropies across the partisan divide to build trust and collaboration.

Bridge Alliance: now an independent network of 100 organization that are building a powerful transpartisan network and movement.

LivingRoom Conversations: bringing new skills and format to enable families, communities and organizations to discuss difficult issues.

AllSides for Schools: empowering students to learn how to analyze the news from multiple perspectives.

VoterRx: using the media to awaken civic engagement and to galvanize voter turnout in the rising generations.

Common Ground Initiative: building a new cultural narrative about public lands to foster wise use and safeguard them for future generations.

Active Peace: a transformational approach for civic engagement based on nonviolence and restorative justice.

United Politics Initiative: tackling deeply challenging problems with bi-partisan, data-driven, and community-based approaches. 



Leg Up

We support startup initiates.

Connect Up

We synergize allied initiatives to increase their collective impact.

Power Up

We give ongoing initiatives strategic guidance.

Heal Up

We engage in deep repair, renewal and critical relationship-building.



Mark Gerzon is the president of Mediators Foundation and is one of the key architects of the field of global leadership and an experienced facilitator in high-conflict zones. He has advised a wide variety of organizations including the US Congress, multinational corporations, and UNDP. The author of numerous books, including Leading Through Conflict and Global Citizens, he is currently dividing his time between international leadership workshops and building a transpartisan movement in the USA.

Concerned about the increasing polarization in American communities, Mark has spent the last two decades working on the ideological frontier between Left and Right. He co-designed and served as head facilitator for the US Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in the late 1990s, and has spent the following years participating in a wide variety of efforts to deepen dialogue across the political spectrum. He is currently developing with this colleagues a multi-pronged strategy to build a transpartisan movement in the United States.

As President of Mediators Foundation, which he founded over 25 years ago, Mark has worked closely over the years with several projects that also advance the field of global citizenship. He founded the Conflict Transformation Collaborative, a network of peace-builders from around the world. He has also designed an interactive, awareness-raising workshop The Global Citizen Journey based on his most recent book, published in the USA under the title American Citizen, Global Citizen. For four decades, Gerzon has been involved in global affairs first as a student (his junior year at Harvard was spent living and studying in seven countries around the world); then as a journalist (he co-founded WorldPaper, a global newspaper which reached a circulation of 1.5 million in five languages); next as a citizen diplomat (he worked for several years bringing together Soviet and American civic leaders to help end the Cold War); and now as a UN advisor in leadership development.

Mark lives with his wife Melissa Michaels in Boulder, Colorado, and has three sons and seven grandchildren.