About Us

The mission of Mediators Foundation is to foster global leadership for a peaceful, just and sustainable world by identifying, supporting and connecting visionary leaders working in the best interests of our small planet. Since our founding in 1987, we have catalyzed civic and educational projects to address social issues of national and global importance, and worked for a better understanding of global cultures and values. For those of you who have witnessed our efforts over the past twenty years, this focus may not be surprising. After all, many of the projects that we have undertaken – ranging from the Soviet American Entertainment Summit in the Eighties, to Global Partners and the Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in the Nineties, to our current projects – have reflected this priority. However, never before has this central mission of the Foundation been so clear or so compelling. Mediators Foundation is committed to serving as a global commons where leaders who share our vision can coordinate their actions. Thousands of leaders are already working to achieve this end. Linking these men and women from around the world so that their activities can develop synergy is an essential step in increasing the likelihood that a just, sustainable and peaceful world will emerge.

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